Monday, November 24, 2008

Custom carbon franken-hanger

What you're looking at there is:
-A hoop of carbon, probably the cut-off end of a 1 1/8" steerer tube
-Drilled through and threaded with a brake straddle cable
-Drilled from above and threaded with the front brake cable
-A straddle cable pivot end (probably from a TRP Euro-X brake) tightened on to the end of the brake cable
-A zip tie to somehow give it that finishing touch


-d said...

Looks like a carbon headset spacer to me. Like this:

-p said...

You could be right. It's about as wide as the tire (34mm) which is about as wide as a headset spacer. Looked a little thick though.

-d said...

What's most intriguing is that even the do-it-yourselfers are now using carbon fiber technology.

It's good to see that zip ties are still in the toolkit.