Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sweet Electric Bikes and New Things From Trek/Fisher

Gary Fisher has been using his Twitter/Yfrog account to display some radical new bicycles. Most of the concepts center around urban riding with an emphasis on transportation.

Belt drive electric storm trooper bike with fenders and disc brakes:

Retro motorcycle style derny-esque steampunk machine:


lovemyebike said...

Saw a cool electric bike on the KTLA news Friday, the Pedego Comfort Cruiser. What do you think?

-p said...

The link, the news show call-letter drop, I think you're probably in the business of selling electric bikes. Which is cool, we're in the business of selling Jersey Bags and thong underwear with our logo on it.

I think electric bikes are the perfect gateway drug. I know several people who would like an electric bike because of the perceived ease of use, potential fitness aspects, the obvious environmental benefits and lower barrier to entry than a motor scooter.

If gas prices remain high, you may do well, and that won't be a bad thing.