Friday, August 6, 2010


No, not the fantastically suspenseful Michael Chrichton novel, but this thing:

Certainly an audacious design. One asks - how can thin axle possibly resist the torque created by the upwards forces of the wheel and the downward forces of the seat post? Well, it doesn't. Look carefully at other pictures in the article and the frame is suddenly not so elegant. There's a rear fender (not shown at first) which is welded into the frame, acting as a stressed member and and a de-facto seat tube.
As the title of the article suggests... almost genius.

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-d said...

I think a thru-axle design would really help the rigidity of the rear axle. I'm surprised they didn't take a Cannondale Lefty approach to the fork.

-p said...

Yeah, a one sided fork would have been a little more in keeping with the 'design language' we're seeing there.