Monday, May 5, 2008

Mini Rollers - Half as Heavy, Twice as Sketchy!

You know those moments when you see something that is kind of rare, in that "it must be European" kind of way? Smart cars, men wearing capri pants, women with mullets and little square glasses?

I present, the mini roller from Kreitler. I spotted this set under the pedals of a fast looking lady racer at the Cat's Hill criterium. A small crowd (me and a woman with a mullet, who I don't suspect was European) gathered and were asking her questions about them. She said that she had a cheaper, full size set for home, but that she bought the minis off the web for throwing in the trunk of her car. Can't blame her, rollers are a pain to travel with. Why not a fluid trainer? Or perhaps jogging on stilts to warm up?

Officially known as Hot Dog rollers, you'd have to be looking for them to find them. I haven't seen them in any catalog and didn't notice them on previous visits to the Kreitler web site. Is she a hot dog? Notice in the picture she's set up next to a sign post, which she held the entire time I watched her. Any way, a unique peice of kit that is good for breaking out when everyone's watching, as long as you've practiced in your mattress filled basement for a while first.

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