Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Holiday - Bike to Work Day

Mothers have Mothers Day with the corresponding Hallmark cards. Secretaries have Administrative Professional's day, with fruit baskets. Leprauchans have Saint Patrick's day with green beer and closet alchoholics. All I do is work and ride bikes, so I have Bike to Work Day, and it is celebrated with schwag. This year, the good people of REI and the Silicon Valley Bicycle coalition put out a fine spread at the Redwood City Caltrain Station. A friendly REI employee took my email address and gave me lip balm and tire levers and an even more friendly bicycle coalition lady gave me a stuffed musette. I felt like a superstar. People were excited about cyclists. And, not just pro cyclists, or Mountain-Dew commercial downhillers, but all cyclists. From the old lady on the hybrid bike with her jacket tied around her waist to the kid on the BMX bike with the Sponge-Bob backpack, we were all cool today. And just for being us and doing what we were doing, someone handed us a pouch filled with the two things bicyclists need most - high calorie food and free gear. Happy holiday to all, and to all a good night.

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-d said...

Last month was Phoenix valley bike to work day (April 16). I was the only bike on the road during my 10 mile commute. Sad. Thinking "hey, maybe everyone just holds out for national bike to work day", I gave them the benefit of the doubt. Well, today is national bike to work day and once again I was the only bike on the road. Really sad. I guess people just don't get it here. When living in Boulder, CO, it was basically a religious holiday. I'm still using some of the free loot I poached at the multiple breakfast stands scattered about that city. Someday, if I can ever afford to work for a non-profit cause, I'm going to start a real bike to work day in the greater Phoenix area (complete with free loot to poach).