Friday, October 24, 2008

The Bike Hut

The Northern California bike community is the recent recipient of some amazing generosity. Christine Pielenz and Bill Laven, owners of the enormous Potrero Nuevo Farm, have set up a rest stop specifically for bikers.  They own an organic farm and have dedicated a picnic area and garage to be a spot along the PCH where bikers can stop, get free water and eventually buy organic drinks and energy snacks.  Sometimes when you're riding out in the country, not everyone's very friendly to cyclists so that's pretty nice of them.  

Check it out, it's 1 mile inland of the coast on Tunitas Creek Road, just north of San Gregorio.


Just got an update from Bill.  They have made an email address just for the bike hut, thebikehut (at)  They're also soliciting feedback from you, the potential user.  What would you buy from them if you stopped?  Organic energy gel perhaps?  He also let me know that they would have a pump and such stuff for riders in need.

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