Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A frame has been commisioned

Due to my monkey like proportions, I find I have a hard time fitting off the peg bike frames.  My cross bike, for example, is a 57cm with a tall headset stack.  I had a road frame built for me with a tall seat tube and short top tube, and it fits great.  I've been thinking for some time now that I should have the same done with a cyclocross/touring frame.  Well, the opportunity has recently presented itself.  Sanner and Ratliff Bicycles is a startup frame building outfit with several frames under their belts.  They need to make some showroom models though, and needed the capital.  I fronted that capital (they gave me a price break) and should have a frame in a couple of weeks.  Lugged, steel Deda tubing, custom geometry, cyclocross style.  They're going to deliver it unpainted but otherwise finished.  I'll keep you posted on progress.

For now, I'm thinking that I'll just keep it clearcoated.  Ugly bare metal cyclocross thumpin' stick.


-d said...

Congrats on your new frame order! I like the clearcoated metal look - very industrial.

Those guys have quite a story. Biking accross the country to setup shop in CA with a framebuilding business - inspiring.

Anyone looking for a custom frame would be thrilled at that starting price. Especially in today's market where people put extra effort into having a frame without decals and brand names.

-p said...

Yeah, I think they're trying to make their name so they're not charging much. A lot of man hours seem to go into paint too, so I think the unpainted frame saves some $$.