Wednesday, November 19, 2008

La Ruta de los Conquistadores

The ultimate adventure race, La Ruta, has just ended. If you're not familiar, La Ruta is a coast-to-coast endurance race across Costa Rica. The riders battle their way through the jungle and often encounter raging waters, rickety bridges, and just plain exhaustion. The multi-day stage race attracts many riders from all over the globe, but most notably Heart Akerson. Heart's story is quite unique. He basically left the United States for a simple, natural, holistic lifestyle on the Costa Rican coast. He has competed in La Ruta since 1998 and has finished every year. What's more amazing is that he does it shirtless, in jean shorts, and SPD sandals. Why? Well, this article may shed some light. Congratulations to Heart on his 10th anniversary of La Ruta.

Also, special congrats to our friend Jim Gibson (above, center) of Absolute Bikes in Flagstaff, Arizona. He completed his second La Ruta after his 1st place 2006 finish in the veteran's circuit. Heart also made the podium that year (guess which one he is...)


-p said...

Wow, I'd rather be the guy riding over that railroad trestle than the guy portaging his bike on his shoulder. One slip between the railroad ties and you've broken your leg somewhere in the middle of the jungle.

I wonder how shift cables and etc. hold up down there?

-p said...

Huge international field. Congrats to Jim too. Looks like he beat Heart (who rides for his company, Heart Transverter but clearly does not advertise on his jersey).