Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Adventure Cyclocrossing

While riding my road bike down a local rural road, I found a mystery tunnel. It didn't have much of a path going to it, and went under a pretty major freeway, so I decided to come back with the cyclocross bike to follow it. I also checked it out with Google maps and Wikimapia and thought it might lead into a dirt path in a neighborhood on the other side, creating a neat road/dirt bike loop. Well, on my return visit, I found this:

Equestrian use only. Booo. This was found in an area so rich that people either drive their luxury cars, ride their horses or excercise in their home gyms, so I'm not going to hold out much hope that the path will ever be open to cyclists. Also, I dare not trespass, lest some very well connected resident call the authorities and have me sent to Guantanamo. In the mean time, it really whetted my appetite for some adventure cyclocrossing. The kind that goes from my doorstep, to a rural road, to a dirt road, to a trail and back to a road in a scenic loop.

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