Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mountain Town Bike Shop

All the famous bike bloggers like to pump up their favorite shops, and we here at nippleworks are no different. Take this example from Belgium Knee Warmers.

Here's a mountain town shop that is sure to impress. Paco's Bike and Ski.
Now, there are plenty of bike shops in ski towns that switch to renting mountain bikes in the summer and can sell you a pair of gloves or a helmet if you forgot yours. But, how many can do this:

That's real selection. In the dead of winter, they had three complete Campagnolo brake/shifter cable sets. Does QBP even have that? Even when most people have snow on their minds, they can still help you out. And speaking of snow, they're one of the most complete nordic skiing shops I've ever seen with real expertise, clothing and gear for cross country and back country skiing. The best way to stay in shape when the ground is covered in snow.

Also, they've got a good selection of local trail maps which point out great mountain biking or skiing routes.

Check them out if you're ever passing through, or enjoying Truckee, CA.

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-d said...

It's only fair that a shop like that have a winter competition where a cyclist pulls a nordic skiier through an obstacle course. Call it the Crossathon.