Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pro MTB Disc Brake Rotors

In the Specialized tent at Sea Otter, I saw current world champion mountain biker Cristoph Sauser's carbon dual suspension bike:

Then, I noticed severe fretting on the disc brake rotors.How does that happen on a piece of stainless steel? Answer - it doesn't. This rotor must have some sort of coating, or perhaps it's not made of SS. Any ideas?


CDB said...

that's a stan's notubes coated aluminum rotor. aluminum alone doesn't work well for braking, but the coating is quite durable and effective, and the alu mat'l is much lighter.

-p said...

Thanks for the tip. Doesn't look like they're pushing it on their web site:

You're right, a rotor with the mass of aluminum but with improved braking would be very desirable for racers.

me said...

odd I wonder why they stopped selling the rotors? cost, lawsuit, or cost of lawsuit. hopefully just getting gen 3 ready

They seemed popular I saw them all the time at MSC mtb races in CO.

-p said...

Can't keep them in stock? A lot of companies cut back on inventory fearing the worst from the economy and lead times from Asian mfg's are long if you factor in non-air freight.