Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tire Slits and Patch Kits

Got a slit tire on Sunday, I think I hit a piece of glass. The tube slit was easy to find and patch, but I was worried that the tire would open up on me before I got home. Stupid me, I didn't have a tire boot with me. Not even a dollar bill to put in the tire as a boot! (I fixed that by throwing one in my seat bag last night). So, I put an instant patch on the inside of the tire and blew it up just enough to keep the rim off the ground. What do you know, it held. I replaced the tire before riding it again, this time with a Mr. Tuffy installed. Better safe than sorry on a touring bike. I would have liked a 25mm Kevlar belted tire, but non in stock at the LBS.

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