Thursday, June 26, 2008

Scene of the crime

You'll never believe what I found on my commute home tonight. I was riding through an industrial (to put it politely) section of Redwood City, CA and saw something funny against a chainlink fence as I rolled into a left hand turn. I went back to check it out and discovered a cross frame, painted silver, blending into the fence backdrop leaning there. I picked it up. It had clearly been rattle-canned and had lots of paint chips and a piece of masking tape stuck over one of the headset races. It was tig welded, and a decently built frame. The rear brake cable was routed on the top tube and it appeared that some braze ons had been ground off the seat stays before the last low tech paint job. No head badge was present, but it looked like there was a blue paint job hiding under there. I looked around and spotted a wheel under a tree and went to check that out. A steel rim with a Velox rim strip and a French looking quick release. I'm no crime scene investigator, but I suspect fowl play. I couldn't bring it home with me because I was on my bike, but I held it up to my 58cm frame and figured it was about a 56. Email me at paul -at- if you want to go check it out.

Now for the low res cell phone camera shots:


Cyclocross Magazine said...

oh man, I would have found some way to ride home with it. I've ridden a half mile with a bike box (filled) once... I admire your good common sense. I probably would have tried and ended up in the hospital, with _two_ ruined frames then.

Mark said...

I am with CM - I would have found a way to bring it home. Couldn't you have just worn it over shoulder?

Otherwise, you could have stashed it behind a dumpster and burned some carbons later to go pick it up.

-p said...

I thought about that. Could I sling it over the shoulder? Probably. I've carried tires home before like that. Could I go get my car and snag it? Probably. Then I thought - what am I gonna do with it if I take it home? Sell it? Could be stolen. Build it? It doesn't fit me or anyone I know. So I sent out an email to the Bay Area cyclocross news group and let the community do what they will with the information. Godspeed silver mystery frame.