Friday, October 17, 2008

If I had $800 and a Legitimate Child...

Lynskey Performance Designs, known for their smooth Titanium offerings, has unveiled the '09 lineup with some unique additions. They've added a touring bike with S&S Couplers for easy travel, a belt drive single-speed / cross bike, and this amazing children's tricycle. You might wonder why such a gem of industrial design is geared toward a child - with an $800 price tag. Well, my friends, if your plans of living the cycling dream vicariously through your 5-yr old are actually going to materialize, then you (and your child) better get started NOW! What better way, than to introduce the little lad or lass to the allure of titanium. Furthermore, what better vehicle to use than the spectacular craftsmanship of Lynskey. Just look at those welds!

Admittedly, you will likey need to explain the physics and painstaking artistry of welding and framebuilding, a conversation that probably isn't fit for a 5-yr old, but no better time than the present. After all, you wouldn't want your child left out of all the "vertical compliance vs. lateral stiffness" debates at the playground.

Finally, before buying this trike of all trikes, be sure to check with Lynskey about the rider weight limit. You know that you'll try to sneak a ride in when your child isn't watching - just make sure to YouTube yourself.

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-p said...

I love the way they paint the fork black and put a decal on the shoulder to give it the look of carbon (if it isn't already).