Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Performance fork for less than $0

With Performance and Nashbar throwing their 15% off sales, I thought I'd check them out. After all, a cyclist can always (window) shop, right? Well, I stumbled across this interesting little deal on the Performance SSR track/fixie frame. They are selling the SSR Frame and Fork for $229. This is a pretty good deal... WAIT A MINUTE... I looked on the same page and they have the frame itself for $249. Yes, folks, Performance is willing to pay you $20 for a $99 fork. In other words, this fork costs less than $0. Sounds like a deal to me. If you don't like the graphics of the SSR, the decals are removable for that Kitt look.

Flabbergasted and utterly curious, I wandered over to the Nashbar site to see if there were any similar pots of gold. Well, they weren't willing to pay me to take their parts, but I did find the ultimate cargo riding jacket!

Sure, when empty, the pockets may billow like those sprinting parachutes, but I'd still love to see how many beer cans and/or burritos I could cram in that thing. Alternatively, it might just be the perfect jacket for a fly fishing bike tour.


-p said...

Why is the cross frame $150 more than the road frame? They're both tig welded Al frames with carbon forks made in the same Taiwanese sweat shops (and are not bad btw).

Do cantilever bosses cost $75 each?

-d said...

I've also noticed that. I think the word "cyclocross" adds $$$.