Thursday, February 12, 2009

Safety shades, done right / done wrong

Back in November, I blogged about sporting clear safety glasses in a cyclocross night race. I stand by that. They're cheap, rugged, have good coverage and the models I like look OK too. Rivendell takes the other tack. They're selling a pair in their online catalog that are, let's be honest, the antithesis of cool. Kind of expensive ($12) too.
The combo of the adjustable hat, white tank top and long beard make this poor fellow look like the Unabomber's homeless brother, Ike. But that's cool, Ike doesn't consider himself homeless, he's "home free". Just like someone who commutes by bike is "car free".


But seriously, who doesn't love Rivendell's practical bikes, luggage and riding gear. Plus the idea of bike camping - very enjoyable. But guys, there have got to be some better looking shades out there.

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-d said...

They look like mountaineering glasses. Maybe that's what Rivendell is going for - extreme, all-mountain bike camping.