Monday, February 23, 2009

Velonews. More like Velosnooze.

Brew another cup of coffee, check your watch, see if anything good is on TV, or just go to while you are waiting for Velonews to cover the Amgen Tour of California and the tech expo.

You heard it here first folks. The superlight bike that astounded everyone at the TOC was blogged about on nippleworks on January 17th. Velonews finally got around to it four days later on January 21st.

Velonews was recently soliciting for a new tech editor. Heard they'd hired one. Where are they?

By the way, we here at nippleworks hold down full time engineering jobs in addition to bringing you the best in bike technology blogging ;-)


-d said...

...without the backdrop of hot dog snarfing carbon gawkers! For shame.

-p said...

Yes, such a sterile article without the humanity my writing brings to the story.

bluru said...

Maybe they had something more important to write about, like the races that were going on?

What is less important, useful or newsworthy than yet another carbon fiber doodad?

And regarding you being "first post" about this bike, it's not always about "scoop". It's also about value.

The hot dogs almost if not more interesting, frankly[*]. I really did enjoy the photo of the snarfers. Thanks for posting it.

* no pun intended