Thursday, February 26, 2009

Oakley rolling monster truck 'lab'

Oakley has been driving around in what amounts to a monster truck, pulling a trailer outfitted with an 'R&D lab' to show people how well their products stand up to the competition. They showed up at the Tour of California and dropped and shot things at their lenses to prove their strength. I think that's great. Kind of like the travelling hair elixir salesman in Sweeney Todd played by Borat. It also cuts through the marketing hype they've used in the past (X-metal, Unobtanium, 'Nuclear Protection') and gives people a tangible reason why one product is better than another instead of a catch phrase or slogan.

Here's an article from Velonews showing the truck and the 'lab':

Given people's current interest in matters environmental, they probably could have chosen a different vehicle than a very over built and street-style customized Freightliner. Here's a picture of the truck that I took in Aspen Colorado:

They were there for the X-games and the driver got the vehicle stuck trying to do a 3-point turn on a residential street. Maybe he needed corrective lenses for driving.

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