Monday, July 13, 2009

Heavy Metal

I love the Competitive Cyclist web site for its enthusiasm, weatlh of knowledge and slick design. Today, however, I found something I question. Shopping for a new chain for my Campy 10 speed bike, I checked out the Wipperman ConneX 10 Speed Stainless model. It's got a quick link which Campy branded chains don't have, and the stainless should last longer and be easier to clean. They claim, however, that:

"One final bonus is that stainless is light"

Not true. Most stainless grades have a density of 8 g/cc while mild steel comes in at 7.85 g/ cc. This stainless chain might be lighter however if they're using a heat treatable grade that could be stamped then hardened, allowing for thinner wall thicknesses, lightening the assembly.

I went to the Wipperman site to see if they publish what grade of steel the chains are made of. Not that I can tell. Sprechen sie Deutsch?


Yokota Fritz said...

A $100 chain ah yai yai!

-p said...

Pricey, yes. If it lasts 1.25 times as long as the $80 Campy chain, it would be worth it.

-p said...

Actually, since it comes with a quick link, I'd be able to avoid buying a $100 Campy chain breaker, saving a ton of $$.