Friday, July 10, 2009

Nice Panniers

I was riding to work this morning and a woman in an SUV rolled down her window and said "excuse me...". I thought, oh no, driver/cyclist confrontation. But the next words out of her mouth were "nice panniers". I assumed she was talking about my bike luggage and not my saddlebags. I was flattered. She knew just what to ask next - "how much?". Well ma'am, have I got a tip for you. These Nashbar Daytrekker Panniers have seen me to and from work day in and day out, in rain sun and wind for a measly $40. Sometimes you can even find them for less on sale.

They have a plastic lining and an overlapping top to keep the contents dry and two straps to put your rolled up work clothes under in the middle. I have put a split keychain ring between the straps so as to create an X-pattern to better hold down cargo. I also know two other people who use these and are quite happy with the value. Great commuter cargo, but a little small for touring or grocery shopping. Also, not a quick and handy way to dismount them and take them with you, so they are good if you want to leave them on the bike day in and day out.

Happy commuting.


Ross said...

I just bought a set of these on sale from Nashbar for $14.99. They have black and "neon" yellow/black in stock.

-p said...

Nothing says vigilant bike commuter like neon yellow gear and a helmet mirror.

Way to go Ross on the good find.