Thursday, December 4, 2008

Boulder Velodrome Pole of Doom

I hear that the Boulder indoor velodrome is nearing completion. I checked out the website and saw some pictures of their 142 meter track under construction. While looking at the photos, I noticed a pretty sketchy looking pole right on the what will be the apron of the track.
That looks like a sturdy pole that's probably necessary to hold up the roof.

On pretty much every trip I've taken to the velodrome, I've seen a crash. Some are no big deal, everybody gets up and walks a way. Some are kind of crazy with riders flying up over the rail, or sliding down onto the infield like in this picture I snapped in July of this year:
That bike flying through the air and the riders in the white and red jerseys would both be headed for that pole if they were riding in the new facility in Boulder.

I salute the guys building the new track. If America needs anything it's more physical activity and less Play Station. I would also advise them to do a little brainstorming on how make their facility as safe as possible.

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-d said...

Hopefully, they'll take a cue from football before anyone is injured: put some goalpost padding on that thing.

...maybe this will even mark the introduction of touchdown celebrations in the velodrome:

-p said...

Yeah, I wanna see a track racer break dance after a big win.

303cycling said...

The track is about to open next week, check out the status on