Monday, December 29, 2008

Chrome Industries - Retail Store

I rode the train up to San Francisco this weekend and while walking towards downtown, the storefront of Chrome Industries caught my eye. I think that SF holds a special position in the bike world, definitely because of the regional legacy created by Gary Fisher, Joe Breeze, Tom Ritchey and Mike Sinyard but also because of the continuing innovation by companies like Swobo, Timbuk2, SOMA and Chrome.

I wasn't in the market for a new messenger bag, since I've got a Timbuk2 model that is serving me fine, but I was impressed by the quality of their clothing. I would especially like to try the Shins knickers. I should be impressed, they run a cool $160. I frequently wear a pair of knickers when I should wear bike shorts (long city rides) but don't want to look like I'm wearing bike shorts. You know, for those moments when you have to get off the bike and you don't want people staring at your lycra swaddled junk.

The shop itself was fun. They had a mish mash of frankebikes and parts bolted to the walls, a couch with some magazines for reading and a hot messenger doll plastered on the wall behind a vintage Honda cafe racer.

If you're in the city, check them out. They've recently moved. Their current address is at 580 4th street, south of Market, between Bryant and Brannan.

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