Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Brake Lever Legality, Vintage Single Speed Crosser

Seen at the Sagebrush Cyclocross race in Reno, Nevada. What you see here is a single speed cross bike (well, road bike with decent tire clearance) with time trial style brake levers mounted to a shallow drop/mustache bar. They point forward. Is this legal? Many cyclocross races don't allow mountain bike bar ends or "forward facing bar ends" so you don't create any new orifices for yourself or your competition. Does that rule apply to brake levers? Not that I need a cycling federation to tell me what to do, but it would be interesting to hear the logic on some of these rules. I don't know that logic is ever explained with sports rules (instant replay, no disc brakes in cyclocross, why female beach volleyball players have to wear bikinis) so don't hold your breath for the answer. Just sit back and appreciate the wild variety that is cyclocross racing equipment.


Mark said...

That's a sweet rig. Not sure about the brake lever placement. I love riding those types of bars but I find I can ride in the drops and still keep a finger on the brakes.

Was the owner still able to race?

-p said...

The guy did in fact race. It was kind of a small time event. I think the owner was one of the promoters. The Reno series is small, but well organized and run by some hearty, dedicated cyclists.