Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Zoolander's Helmet

Would a successful male model be caught dead letting this thing ruin his perfect coif?

Hell no.  He'd be wearing this:

Photo from

What you're looking at there is the Yakkay Tokyo in striped denim.  The base helmet is basically a black BMX helmet with rope (instead of webbing) ear loops.  There are four covers to meet your fashion needs: 

  • The Luzern (furry)
  • The Dublin (canvas toque)
  • The Paris (ball cap)
  • The Tokyo (bucket hat)
The underlying helmet is rather unsophisticated.  It apparently has adhesive foam segments for customizing fit (no twist-lock here).  You could wear it alone in the summer since it's vented, then add a fabric cover for the winter (or when you are cycling in a fashionable European city) for warmth. I'm not going to buy one until they come out with a busby cover.

In the everything old is new again department, I recently found this picture of the 1986 Coors Classic:

From BIKEMONKEY Magazine

These guys are mostly wearing hairnets and have covered them with cycling caps.  For the one guy in the middle with the wraparound sunglasses (Bernard Hinault?), it's sort of ridiculously tight.  As long as there have been helmets, people have tried to cover them up with hilarious results.

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