Monday, February 2, 2009

Worksman Folding Bike - Yes We Can!

While at the grocery store the other day in Chandler, AZ, I found this U.S. made Worksman folding bike. It was pretty unique - especially the lock and pump choice:
  • Lock - the "InvisiLock Conscience". This model is so powerful, it cannot even be seen. It commands the moral integrity of all who gaze upon it. "Try to steal the bike," it prods. "Just wait until you sober up and have to live with yourself; Ha!"

  • Pump - the "D-flator Retro". This classic throwback was good enough for all of your footballs, basketballs, and soccer balls in the 80's, so why not now? This pump actually decreases the pressure in your tires, so that you'll have the optimum cushy ride for the balls that really matter (You know which ones... Yes, I went there. It's Monday.).

While the accessories were mesmerizing, I was genuinely interested in the bike itself. Over at Worksman Cycles website, I found that they have quite an offering of unique bikes. Their lineup includes cargo bikes, cruisers, penny farthings, surreys, and ice-cream trikes. Although, nothing says "I'm on a bike, damn it!!!" than their 105 db Megahorn, which should be used sparingly in order to prevent hearing loss.


Ominotigre said...

Horn's on special order to Chuck's Bike-o-Rama.

-d said...

Ha! Until Francis steals it.

-p said...

There are things about this bike, I just don't understand. Like... why it looks an awful lot like your Bianchi folder.

-d said...

Yeah. That's why it caught my eye in the first place. It seems that there were quite a few knock-offs of the same folding bike design in Italy:

...and now in the U.S.

-d said...

For reference, here's the link to the Cannoli: