Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bikes & Bottle Openers

Many riders will say that their favorite post-ride beverage is an ice cold beer. Some bike companies are sponsored by microbreweries, and at least one microbrewery was started on a bike tour. Whether in the city or on the trail, they seem to always go hand in hand. It has even evolved into loose stereotypes where you can match the beer with the type of bike without even seeing the rider. See this chart from the Nipple Works research panel:

Well, because of this marriage between bikes and beer, there are plenty of options for cracking open your favorite bottled beverage. These integrated solutions place the bottle opener directly on the bike (seems like an invitation for danger, yet is simultaneously intriguing):

Qball bike frame w/ dropout opener (
If you're a 29er rider who can take a swig of a muddy bottle and consider it the taste of mountainous accomplishment, this is for you.

Surly Tuggnut chain tensioner (
This similar offering can appeal to all single-speeders, whether MTB, BMX, Cross, Fixed, Cruiser, etc.

Raleigh Coasting bike (
Not only does this bike have a bottle opener on the front rack, but the rack itself is sized for your favorite 6-pack.

Ahrens WiseCracker (
This opener does not discriminate. If your bike has a seat post, then it will work. No frills, all function.

Swobo Cart Saddle (
The opener below the saddle is pretty clever, but make sure to dismount before using it... unless your buddies don't mind the sight of you apparently cracking open a brew from your backside.


-p said...

Beer companies that love cyclists who love them back:
New Belgium (sponsors all sorts of bike stuff)
Boulder Beer (sponsors bike races)
Oskar Blues (sponsors racing teams)
Sierra Nevada (sponsors a racing team)

Steve said...

Alright Nipman!

Great topic! I'm considering one of the featured items for my schwinn cruiser.

Thanks for the info!

-d said...


I'm glad you are increasing the utility of your cruiser! One thing I forgot to mention is that these items can also be combined to make an "ultimate bottle opening rig". You wouldn't want to be shorthanded if, say, you rode by a stranded Hawaiian Tropic bus with nothing but unopened beers to sustain the bevy of beauties. Happy cruising!

-d said...


That's a great YouTube find. I didn't know that Miller (High Life) was into bike commuting! I guess when you're the champagne of beers, than you can pretty much do anything.

Mark said...

That's the whole point of a good bike, how easy it is to open a bottle of beer. In fact that was one of the main selling points for me to get the Qball, the built in bottle opener.

I thought I had an action shot on the blog but all have is one of me opening a bottle of BBC on my Fetish Fixation in which I have a surly tugnut.

But you forgot another important beer paraphernalia item: Niner's Y.A.W.Y.D. (You are what you drink) beer bottle headset cap replacement item!

OK, it won't help you open the beer but it will keep you focused on one thing! What you are going to drink when you are done with your ride.

-p said...

Part of Surly's magic is the way they name stuff. Tugnut. Fantastic.

I never thought of the bottle cap head set bolt as a motivator, but that's a good use. I thought it was pure decoration.