Tuesday, July 8, 2008

$12k bike with $200 engineering

According to Velonews, Scott bikes will sell the 'Genius' Limited mountain bike in the US in 2009 for $11,500. Further reading indicates that there was a patent dispute with Specialized over suspension design. So this is how they got around the patent?

It looks like the rear wheel is going to throw junk right into the shock and shock pivot. Is this some lawyer's idea of a good work-around? Or does Scott like to play in the mud?

Picture from http://velonews.com/photo/77550


Mark said...

And, for an extra $1000 we'll engineer a custom mudflap that will keep your shock sparkly clean

Fine print: Some assembly required.

-d said...

Yeah... they're probably charging that much to recoup some of the legal fees.