Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mudflaps for your mountain bike

No, not this kind of mudflap, or even this kind -
But along those lines...

And this thing, which is basically a skull shaped grapefruit-sized block of aluminum:

And then this, which will appeal to your peyote smoking microbus driving Southwestern mountain biking friends:

All this bicycle finery was spotted at Ales and Trails, for sale by a NorCal outfit by the name of Dirty Dog MTB.

Sticker image from www.northernsun.com


-d said...

I've actually seen one of those skull stems before on a BMX. It's creepy how the beady little hex bolt eyes stare at you. It's very Leonard Smalls from Raising Arizona:


-p said...

Why do all Nicholas Cage movies involve devilish motorcycle riders?

Raising Arizona was his last good movie.

But, but, I'm the paterfamilias!