Thursday, July 24, 2008

Seen at the Velodrome

More half length rollers. I wrote about this way back on the very first entry to the Nippleworks blog - in an article titled Mini Rollers - Half as Heavy, Twice as Sketchy! At the time, the mini rollers were under the strong and shapely legs of a female racer, here they are used by a track competitor in one of the coolest kits I've sen in a while. Kind of makes you want to do the Haka. Notice the tight grip on the nearby bike rack. Eventually, he got down onto the bars, but he never stopped looking at those things, making sure they weren't going to squirt out from under him.
I also noticed that the drums were smaller diameter than the first ones I saw. Even lighter? Less smooth?


-d said...

I had a college buddy that occasionally did the Haka after way too many drinks at the bar. It was always terrifying yet entertaining.

I like the video of the fixie rider with the messenger bag getting worked by the rollers. He was wearing a helmet, however, which I suppose was relatively smart.

-p said...

Yeah, wtf? He's wearing a helmet, messenger bag and no shirt riding on rollers.

Did the drunken Kiwi get many women that way?