Thursday, July 10, 2008

Oooh, I bet that feels good

Northern California is on the tail end of a 100 degree plus heatwave (through which I mountain biked one day, commuter biked another day and actually drove one day it was so hot, what a lame excuse). So, as I was reading a Garmin-Chipotle rider's Tour De France blog on Velonews, I paid attention to what he calls ice socks. So, I did a little searching to figure out what that was and discovered that the soigneurs actually fill plain old bike socks with ice and the riders throw them in their jerseys on their backs. And here I thought I was going to discover some high tech medical device style cooling garment.

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Mark said...

Do you really want ice water running down the crack of your a$$ and soaking your shammy? Sounds like just a quickening for Monkey Butt.

-d said...

Ah yes... finally the Tour meets In Living Color:

... although his sock was filled with a tennis ball. Homey don't play that!

-p said...

Mark, thanks for censoring your spelling. Given our blog's name, I wonder how many hits we get because someone googled the wrong thing.

Google Analytics shows our number one source of traffic -

Oh, and we have one visit from Russia.

-p said...


I can just imagine David Miller whipping some Frenchman over the head with his ice-sock: