Friday, July 11, 2008

Cobranding - with mixed results

If there's one thing people with money like, it's matching stuff. Like, matching luggage:

Or pets:

And modes of transportation:

Of these, who among us wouldn't desire a Ferarri themed Colnago? Less appealing - the Toys-R-Us Hummer mountain bike and the Saab 8 speed, gigantic steel framed, BMX handle-barred bike who's downtube is also a cable lock.

Photos from (in order of their theft):


-d said...

Even Puma has a bike out there (which is very similar to the Saab). I think they're both Slingshots in disguise:

-p said...

Wow! The puma bike is exactly the same as the saab bike. Lazy Germans.

wunnspeed said...

I've actually seen a few of the Ferrari Colnagos but I live in Europe. A proper Italian doesn't go anywhere without some sort of Italian accessory.

-p said...

I think I might have seen one here in the stats - at University Bicycles in Boulder, CO. If not a Ferrari model, it was some sort of limited edition kinda thing.