Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bike Sundays - enjoy it

Every Sunday (with the exceptions noted on the sign), the local authorities close off Cañada Road near the Filoli estate in Woodside California to traffic. They call it Bicycle Sunday. I call it fantastic. Not only do they post steel poles in the ground at both ends, but they also put out a water cooler with cups and put a water bowl on the ground for dogs. Last weekend, they also had a mountain rescue guy hanging out halfway down the road, just watching people go by with his radio. Everybody's out there: people with Primal Wear jerseys, kids with training wheels, joggers and people on custom tri bikes. The road has good paving, and perfect big ring rollers. If you go, say thanks to the Sheriffs and Rangers. They're out there sitting in their stinky pickups on Sunday when they'd probably rather be watching the game, so that we can stretch our legs.

Another point of interest - stop at the Pulgas Water Temple. It is kind of imposing looking, and when you get near it, you hear some serious stuff happening. Kind of like a Hercules-cleaning-the-stables sound. If you look down the hole in the center you can see all the water we're stealing from the Sierra's flowing under ground. The trail to the temple is a gravel path, easily traveled by road bike and there's a toilet and water fountain for pit stops.


Brian N. said...

You also see the occasional unicycling group out there. Now that's sweet.

-p said...

Are they wearing squirt flowers and red rubber noses? Or are they more serious unicyclers?