Monday, August 11, 2008

Ode to the crusty, blown out crochet bike glove

They'll never treat you wrong, they'll keep your hands from getting sweaty, they provide just enough sun protection (except in the little oval where you get a mean cyclist-tan), and the leather palms wear better than the synthetic stuff. They are crash resistant and cheap. Now, I also have a pair of fancy schmancy gloves from Descente that feel pretty good and have great little grippy bits on the fingers:

But I just did a long ride on Sunday with the sun blazing down on me and my crusty leather and crochet gloves did not let me down.

Photo from Descente.


Mark said...

I think I had a couple of pairs of these when I rode actively in Tucson but they, like many other things, got left behind when I moved back east.

I still have a pair of Trek fingerless gloves that I got after I discovered I left my riding gloves in Tucson.

Also, I have started to cut the finger tips off my MTB gloves when they blow out due to ad hoc TM. I think I now have 5 pairs of fingerless gloves laying around.

-p said...

Yeah, I've been wondering if that will happen to my MTB gloves but my Fox brand full finger gloves seem to wear like iron! I bet I could use them for rodeo and they'd hold up. Although, the only job they'd give me at the rodeo would be clown-in-barrel.