Monday, August 18, 2008

New rims

Ah, the possibilities. The miles they will see. So shiny, soon to become so dirty. I knew I needed some spoke hole covering solution for these new wheels and so while I was in Boulder, I picked up some yellow Pedro's rim tape. I measured the bead-to-bead distance as 19mm on my Mavic A719 rims. I didn't have them with me, so it was a guess (although a safe one) that the 17mm rim tape would be the right width. It was, although I could have gone wider. Not as wide as mountain bike tape though, and narrow road bike tape probably wouldn't cut it. When I was done, the tape was still kind of tacky and I was worried that it would stick to my tube, pulling out during a tire repair. So, I'll let them sit for a week allowing the glue to dry out.

Anyone try those little plastic rim plugs? They claim to be lighter, and for spoke repair on a touring bike, they may be far more convenient. They are, however, much more expensive.

In the mean time, I figure I can't go wrong with the plain old fabric stuff.


petebow said...

i have had the veloplugs in my rims since last spring, and they work fine. no flats in a couple thousand miles of road biking. easy to install, but yeah a little expensive.

-p said...

Hey there. Thanks for the input. That tape didn't stick really well. Rim plugs for sure next time.