Sunday, August 3, 2008

Correction to Wikipedia

According to my favorite web encyclopedia's entry on bicycle suspension, full suspension first appeared on mountain bikes in the early nineties. A trip to the MOAH Vintage Vehicle Gala in Palo Alto, CA this weekend proved otherwise. I snapped these pictures of a vintage orange "MOTO-CYCLE" single speed double-boinger with front fender, year of manufacture unknown.


Lonely Paul said...


Mark said...

So, you are assume this bike predates the the wiki's first incarnation of the full suspension bike?

I once saw a 29er-ish fixed gear ride on some website that was actually a softtail from turn of the century. Not sure if it had front suspension or not, but if it did, then that would blow this out of the water.

Otherwise, this rig would actually be the first comfort bike.

-p said...

Hello Lonely Paul

The bike looked like it might have been targeted at teenage boys who for some reason could not or would not have a motorcycle. It was kind of like today's dirt jumping or streetstyle phenomenon.

eugene said...
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