Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Boulder Roubaix 2008

I volunteered for this year's Boulder Roubaix road race. It was a slop fest.

Put on by Chris Grealish and DBC Events, the Boulder Roubaix is a road race, mainly on dirt roads north of Boulder, CO. This year, it was held on the second consecutive day of nonstop rain. Temps were in the 50's. What's the ultimate bike for a race like that? I'd guess that it would be a cyclocross frame with road bike gearing and a pair of fat (700x25-30) road tires. Maybe something like Continental Touring Plus in a 28 width. Of course, the fastest riders would probably be on road bikes with sew ups if they had access to them.

Some riders took my advice:

Everyone tried hard, and a few abandoned:

The woman's race was lead by a pro from Team Columbia. Here's the transcript of nipplework's first ever pro interview:

me: Did you win?
pro: Yea! I had a rough start though.
me: Congratulations.
pro: I think I'm going to use this spot to change.

The pro, as it turned out, was Mara Abbott from Boulder, CO who also won the North Boulder Park Criterium the next day.
Sorry I didn't get a more flattering picture, Mara! Best of luck and may you add the maglia iridata to your stars and bars.

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