Friday, December 12, 2008

Holiday Cycling Gift Guide - Part 1

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Holiday time is undoubtedly here, so all cyclists should use it as an excuse to amass as much bike related gear as possible. With the broad amalgamation of cycling genres (mountain, road, fixie, bmx, downhill, dirt jump, cyclocross, cruiser, etc.), the gift options are endless and can really be catered to the style and preferences of each rider. Here is our first installment of gift giving ideas for you to pass along to your friends, relatives, coworkers, spouse, etc. Alternatively, if you can stomach the envy of passing a cycling gift to another individual, you may find these ideas useful in your gift giving ( can always buy in pairs...):

Decorative (makes your X-mas tree look fast):

From, a 4-pack of ornaments with a jersey, helmet, shoe, and water bottle/cage - currently on sale for $14.93.

Apparel (casual/track-standing):

From, a hat and scarf combo for ultra-sheik casual winter riding - currently on sale for $39.

Apparel (riding/hob-nobbing):
From, a wool Castelli jersey for winter riding and spending your apres-ride aside a fireplace sipping a hot toddy ( if Aspen was a bike town instead of a ski town) - currently on sale for $99.99.

The Bike Itself (retro & classy):

If you're giving a very generous gift to someone who wants to cruise in style, ride to the grocery store, commute to work (short distances), or just add bike to the collection, the Batavus Old Dutch is reasonably affordable for a dutch-style city bike. It comes with 3 speeds, coaster brake, frame pump, and headlight. Approximate retail is $800. Check it out at

Stay tuned for more!


-p said...

Mmm, dig that practical full chain cover. That's a serious winter machine.

Quite frankly, I can imagine someone in Boulder wearing that wool jersey, hat and scarf while riding their Batavus to REI to buy those ornaments.

-d said...

...or an outdoorsy Boulderite that found the ornaments at REI and was inspired to seek out the remaining items for the newfound hobby.