Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday Cycling Gift Guide - Part 2 (Green Edition)

If you are still in need of gift ideas for cyclists, or are a cyclist in need (or want) of some new gear, here is the second installment of the Nippleworks Holiday Cycling Gift Guide. This guide focuses on the eco-friendly stocking stuffers out there. Enjoy!

Grocery Getter:

From, these convenient reusable bags pack down smaller than your computer mouse in their own integrated pocket. They even have a little carrabiner if you wish to clip it to anything. Toss them in your backpack or messenger bag for those spontaneous trips to the store, then carry them in your panniers, basket, or hands on the way home (...or if on a tandem, make the rider in the back do all the carrying!) Cost is $5 each and multiple colors are available.

Brew Tool:

Made from recycled bicycle components, this keychain opener from comes in multiple colors and runs $14. This is a perfect stocking stuffer for most cyclists because when they're not thinking about bikes, they're drinking about bikes.


Dumonde Bio Green chain lube is 100% plant based and biodegradable. It's a green lube that actually works. Get it for $10 at

Hopefully, your holiday shopping is wrapping up (so to speak) and that you have plenty of bike-related gifts. Keep an eye out for the next installment of the Gift Guide!


-p said...

Hot. Pinup grocery bags. Another great recycled bike product: Pedro's blowout bags. Saddle bags made from used inner tubes.

-d said...

Picture this... you are tearing through some woods and a tree branch rips your jersey/shirt right off your back. Cut the bottom out of the Chico Bag and don it as a tank-top. One size fits some - maybe.

-p said...

That's a sexy look. I should do that for next earth day.

Shirley said...

Thanks for the holiday cycling gift guide. I will certainly shop at REI to get that green lube.

-p said...

Hey Shirley, thanks for the REI coupon tip.