Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Penny Farthing Off-Roading with Full Pads and Short Shorts

Why? Because he can.

Nonconformity is always present in the bike world. It seems like every obsessive cyclist has the primal urge to create their own bike identity. Some do it with their bikes, like the late great Sheldon. Some do it with their cycling attire, like the guys at surly. Some do it with the wrong (in my opinion) tool for the job, like fixed gear mountain bikers.

This guy does it with a combination of all three. He probably drinks his apres-ride microbrews with one of those neon curly straws from the 80's and wears sleeveless turtlenecks in his leisure rides (when he's not contending for the top spot on the Farthing-Cross circuit). While this is purely speculation, we are all a little guilty of our own cycling quirks and post-ride rituals.

Hey, if it makes you happy and makes you ride, go for it.


-p said...

Technically, this is a fixed gear mountain bike. But I know what you mean. Case in point - the guy on the Cervelo with the sky-jacked handlebar risers. $3000 carbon fiber frame with steel handlebar extension. Just because you can afford it, doesn't make it smart.

-d said...

True... although it's not far off from a MUni:

Either way, the soundtrack makes the video.

Jon said...

Hey, I rock the Penny Farthing on the occasioanl offroad ride. Makes a boring trail quite challenging.