Monday, September 22, 2008

2nd CX Race of the Season

Besides going to the SF Twilight Criterium on the 13th, I also raced in the second cyclocross race of the season.   I felt like I had good form, and my remounts were pretty sweet (see above).  I also figured out how to ride in woodchips, since there was about 1/4 mile of them on the course.  I'm not giving the secret away.  The chain guard didn't have to do any work, I was smooth with the bike handling.  I'm also getting better at charging the starts.  It wouldn't hurt to have more power to motor through the grass and soft stuff, because that's where I suffered.  Proper tire inflation may help there too.  I probably could have gone lower.  I'm going to have to do some science to determine how low a 180 lb guy can go on clinchers before doing damage.  I just don't want to flat a bunch of tires or dent my rims in the process.  Anyone have tips?

This past weekend was CCCX - Fort Ord.  Look for a race report soon.

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-d said...

Nice. It takes real committment to potentially run-and-jump your manhood onto a bike saddle. Good form.