Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lance related, but 29er inspired

As a regular reader of the Aspen Daily News (the finest news source in the Roaring Fork Valley), I came across an article this evening regarding Lance racing a local, 10 mile MTB race. That's awesome. He apparently did it because a local cycling club made him an honorary member. Read the article here: Cycling Legend Wins Local Race
Make a bunch of friends, get your message out, inspire some folks, sweet.

I'm interested in what he was riding, since according to VeloNews, he tested the Gary Fisher Superfly 29er hardtail bike in preparation for his Leadville 100 win. Read that article here. The pictures from Aspen make it look like he was riding his double boinger Trek though. It would be kind of cool for him to race the 29er, as the cycling industry is still very much "race it on Sunday, sell it on Monday". That would certainly raise the profile of the 29er platform and maybe broaden the available product base.

But, any news about bicycles is good news, as long as it isn't about Lance riding a 650b. That's a post for another day.

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