Friday, September 26, 2008

The monochrome bicycle

I thought I was cool, what with my black bike with black components but that's easy.  Try it with pink:
Pink headsets and tires were probably unavailable for the period between 1994 and 2007.  For some reason, that stuff is back.  The fixed gear culture is probably helping it along, what with their colorful aero wheels and anodized chains.

On a related note, I'm putting the Surly up for sale.  Interested?  

Details, details:
BLACK Campagnolo Mirage triple groupset with relatively new Campy chain and 175 cranks
BLACK Salsa alloy stem
BLACK alloy bars
BLACK Ritchey front hub / rim / spokes
BLACK Campagnolo Mirage rear hub 
BLACK hand laced Mavic rear rim and spokes (from Vecchio's)
BLACK saddle
WHITE cork bar tape
SILVER Tektro long reach calipers (good performance, can fit fenders or fatty touring tires)
Bonus internal rust treatment (with linseed oil per Surly's instructions, so this thing is pretty much water proof)

Taking best offer, but I'm thinking somewhere slightly north of $1k is what it's worth.

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