Thursday, September 11, 2008

Weapons of minor destruction

Yes, someone is making aggressive bicycle commuting weapons. Who among us hasn't shaken our fist in disdain at a careless driver? How many of us have wanted to hurl something at a honking lunatic? Why, just a few nights ago, two kids in a jalopy pickup truck yelled insults at a group road ride I was on. Well, if you head on over to Fixies Inc. and peruse their catalog, you will come across these:

"CarScratcher barplugs"

If they're sharp enough to scratch a car, they're probably sharp enough to pierce flesh, and while some messengers might welcome that, I for one have enough trouble keeping track of the holes I've got without adding new ones. But hey, if they can bust these out on a lathe and make a buck, I'll blog about it.

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