Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thoughts... this time on Lance

I'm sure that most people who read bike blogs are familiar with the story about Lance Armstrong returning to bike racing.  If not, read here.  Nippleworks readers probably aren't that used to editorials, so I'll keep it brief.  It's great that Armstrong wants to bring attention to his cancer charity through what he knows best - competetive cycling.  However, I can think of several cooler ways to do it:
1. Go back to his first love of triathlon and compete there.  Particlularly because there are so many charity triathlons that would welcome his involvment.
2. Compete in a different cycling venue such as mountain biking.  There aren't nearly as many charity mountain bike rides as there are charity road centuries.  Maybe he could start one?  Or add one to an existing race.  Leadville 100 Cancer Relay?  Cross for the Cure?
3.  Field a Continental team of up and coming young cyclists under the Livestrong name.  This way, he'd be bringing his message to smaller races around the US and overseas while also training the next generation of cyclists, instead of stealing their thunder.  Maybe they'd make it big?
4.  Travel around the world and win assorted obscure races as a privateer wearing his Livestrong jersey (as he almost did in Leadville), producing publicity, wowing spectators and trying his hand at something new (instead of the Euro pro circuit, which he has already done).  How cool would it be if Lance lined up at your local summer crit or fall cross race by surprise, then signed autographs and spoke a little about cancer prevention from the podium.

Anyway, I can see some more innovative and more social ways to spread the message through sport than going back to France.

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