Tuesday, September 16, 2008

As seen at the velodrome

The rare double disc bicycle.  Caught this guy at the Masters Nationals track races in San Jose.  You never see two disc wheels on time trial or triathlon bikes.  The usual reson given is that wind can really mess with your steering by hitting your front disc.  I suppose that even an outdoor velodrome is fairly wind free though.  The only other place I've seen that is at an indoor velodromes in the Olympics.  Here's an article about Taylor Phinney with a picture of him on a TT bike with double discs.  In general, it seemed like a lot of people dropped a lot of $$ on gear for the masters races.  It was always fun to see a guy line up on a lugged steel frame now and then between all the carbon and other fancy stuff.


-d said...

That Phinney photo looks pretty uncomfortable (look at saddle to rump position).

-p said...

Totally. It must be against the rules to have a steeper seat tube or more forward seat position otherwise, why would he ride with a saddle suppository?