Wednesday, March 18, 2009

As seen in Santa Fe - hipster congregation

I was walking down the street in Santa Fe, NM last weekend and one fixie riding hipster after another rode by me.

Then I saw a lamp post with a bunch of fixies locked to it.

Then, around the corner I saw a ton of bikes piled on each other, using nothing but their oddball handlebars and direct drive gear trains to hold them together (and I see at least one U-lock in the photo).

Apparently they were all headed to the Del Charro.

Santa Fe is not exactly urban, and it seemed like many took the train up from Albuquerque. What lead them here? Was a strong magnet pulling on their chromed steel Nitto handlebars, steering towards this place? I kept walking, so that if that was true, it didn't pull my fillings out.

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