Monday, March 23, 2009

Busted Blackburn

It finally happened. My Blackburn pump died. I bought this pump in college since I no longer had access to my father's trusty Silca Pista. Well, eventually, the chuck gasket loosened up and began to eat presta valves. I replaced it with a Silca chuck, a hose clamp and a bit of white ductape.

The gasket in that thing took a while to wear in, but once it did, it was good again. Just last night, however, the hose ruptured. At first I thought that the chuck shot off the valve stem. Quick check and it was still there. What was wrong? I found the split tube eventually after listening for the air escaping. I also noticed that the hose was quite warm. Lots of energy being delivered there. Maybe the rubber couldn't take one more thermal/pressure cycle.

Anyway, time to get something more trustworthy. Maybe a Silca of my own, or a Lezyne? Maybe make one myself? I have access to machine tools and this stuff is pretty simple. I'll keep you posted.


Mr. Beattie said...

Can you disassemble the Blackburn and replace the hose? Or use another clamp? Also, I believe Blackburn has lifetime warranties on all their products, so that might be a better route, especially if you have a portable pump to tide you over until they send you a new one.

-p said...

You're right, lifetime warranty! I wonder if the change in chuck will void that. I'll call them. The hose is replaceable, but not any sort of standard fitting.