Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Belgium Hub

I used to do a lot of business travel.  Once a month, sometimes every other week, I flew out of Denver International Airport.  I thought I knew all the restaurants, newsstands and creepy murals.  It’s been a while since that job, but I recently passed through DIA travelling across the country and saw a New Belgium restaurant at the end of concourse B, hidden from all but a few travelers who would venture down that way.  I didn’t have a chance to stop on my way out, but I actually looked forward to my layover on the way back.  How often do you get to enjoy a tasty Belgian beer while sitting on a chair made out of bicycle parts? 


Check out this stool welded out of steel rims and fork blades!

Who even knew they had their own restaurant?  The food was better than most airport restaurants and the menu has more interesting stuff than the ubiquitous soggy chicken ceasar salad.  

I went on the brewery tour a few years ago and I don’t even think they serve food in their tasting room!  The tour’s pretty cool.  While I was there I learned that every employee earns a cruiser bike and gets a bunch of beer every payday.


If you’re not a New Belgium fan, you should become one.  These folks are pretty good to their community and the planet.  They sponsor lots of bike related events like Fat Tire Festivals.  They also put on a free show in cities around the country called the Tour de Fat.  Go there when they come to your neighborhood.  You get to ride silly bikes, drink good beer, listen to free music, learn about using the bicycle as transportation and meet up with some local non profits that could use your help.

Mmmm, just writing this makes me thirsty for a Fat Tire.




-d said...

Tour de Fat!

-p said...

Yeah, made some typos there. Good beer.

-p said...

Strong beer.