Saturday, March 14, 2009

Gary Fisher's personal mtb

As seen on Gary's twitter page, here's his carbon fiber 29'er superfly with rare (in this country at least) Answer fork. I can't find that fork on the Answer-Manitou website, must be available only in Europe. It uses a linkage and shock assembly instead of a linear spring. Claimed weight is 1260 g which is significantly lighter than the 1698 g for my Rock Shox Reba. However, the price is $1000 which violates the liberal $/gram rule on road bike components.

Here's a link to the bike.

And here's a picture of the crazy fork:
Photo from


Mark said...

Ya know ... Ya know, thinking about the design of that fork is interesting. First off, if it locks out completely then you have a carbon fork, which on a 29er is great in of itself. Then, let's talk about maintenance. You don't have to bother with two tubes in the shock, just one. That makes a lot of sense.

-p said...

Yea, it does make sense. I'd like to see one in person. Maybe at Sea Otter this year?

Cody said...

His wife and kids are really nice. I used to lifeguard at the pool they swam at before college.