Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Antarex Bike Lights

Despite being called 'hipster cysts' by BSNYC, the Knog lights are a really innovative addition to the urban rider's arsenal. Key word, innovative. The Antarex display at the KMC Chain booth was showing off a selection of poorly made Knog knockoffs at this year's Sea Otter. No innovation here, just cutting corners on product quality to come to the American market with a me-too product. Not many bike industry publications will call this kind of thing out, but we can since we're not getting any advertising money. These things were blatant copies imported from Asia. I will give it to them, they did display a model with a solar panel (one of these products covered in a soft rubber skin), and if that's all they were selling, I would have a lot more positive things to say about them.

Vote with your dollars and support companies that innovate and not those that duplicate.

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